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  • Mega-Inliner BV

    4 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, PROOFS CONCEPT TO ANHEUSER BUSH-INBEV! Special thanks to the Dutch & Belgium ABI team to conduct the proof of concept and believing in the Mega-Inliner® System, transporting beer, using the system during an event and returning surplus event beer back to the brewery. No saturation, oversaturation, desaturation or oxidation keeping beer in bulk in perfect conditions. Learned a lot and looking forward to our joint milestones still to achieve, and don't forget no cleaning, rinsing! #beer #transportation #returns #proof #brewery #abi #milestones #proofofconcept

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    8 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, VISIT US AT BRAU BEVIALE EXHIBITION, NÜRNBERG 13-15 NOVEMBER. We will demonstrate the connection of the Mega-Inliner® to the Mega-Inliner® Tank Container.

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    20 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, SHIPPERS WHY RENTING A “BENTLEY” WHEN A “VOLKSWAGEN” DOES THE JOB? Current used tank containers are over engineered for the 1st 10 years, when rented to you as NON-HAZARDOUS liquid shippers, of the max ± 20 y lifespan. These tanks with dual purpose, are engineered, certified based on the 2nd 10 y of the life cycle when rented to HAZARDOUS liquid shippers. The current average lifespan of 20 y is a direct consequence of cleaning, rinsing with chemicals after each load. Next to the loss of ± 2.000 litre drinking water per cleaning, wear & tear & pitting of the tank wall causes a REJECTION for hazardous RECERTIFICATION, becoming a scrap tank. Operating other way around is not allowed and accepted. But here’s the catch, it’s clear “Bentley” expensive specs are completely useless for the NON-HAZARDOUS shippers. Therefor MEGA-INLINER has redesigned the tanks and transferred the “Bentley” to a cost efficient “Volkswagen” MEGA-INLINER® TANK CONTAINER. Saving a staggering 25% CAPEX in combi with the MEGA-INLINER® making cleaning, rinsing and previous cargo restrictions obsolete, no wear & tear, pitting whatsoever exists achieving an ENDLESS LIFESPAN. A huge positive result on your operating, logistic costs, PROFIT and CARBON FOOTPRINT!

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    3 Months, 6 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, SUCCESSFUL LAB TEST SOLIDIFYING OIL & BUTTER! Loading with oil, Solidify and heat it again, tank emptied by pressure! Simple, Smooth, Safe, Save and Speedy...5S of MEGA-INLINER. #tests #oils #butter #uco #vegatableoil #nutritionoils

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    3 Months, 10 Days Ago