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Timeline Mega-Inliner


The idea

Strategic meeting with customer for an option to send 25,000 litres of beer in international packaging. This was not yet technologically possible due to previous cargo restrictions and cleaning costs and handling.


Rise of the invention

Researching the changes in technology and types of foil, the development took place. Multilayer film of the right width was available with EVOH. Eureka!



Elaboration of the plan, the technology of the system and research of the market and opportunities. The first seal tests were done and the first manually produced Mega-Inliner® is a fact.


Steady grounds

In this year, the business case is completed, and funding is in place in cooperation with Brabant Development Company (BOM) and Brabant Start-up Fund (BSF). In August Mega-Inliner started, this in the form of an office, production facilities and in September the first Mega-Inliner® was produced on site.


First times

First employees hired, first Mega-Inliner Tank container was delivered, and we participated in our first Transport & Logistics fair in Munich. In this year the Mega-Inliner machine was developed and at the end of 2017 the first machine made Mega-Inliner® was produced and more patents were obtained



Patents applied for and granted Mid 2018, after the patents were arranged the sales force was set up and we made our debut on Dutch television (RTL7)


Market entry

First customers beer industry/breweries, establishment of Mega-Inliner leasing services. Mid 2019 purchase next 5 MTCs (tank containers), August start of Mega-Inliner UK


Scale up

Received Mega-Inliner tank container #7-16 and the Multiliner tank container has been ordered. Due to COVID-19 full commitment on digital marketing. 100% growth every year with the first Mega-Inliner tank container to South-Africa and Spain.


Full motion

Full commitment on the online channel LinkedIn, follow us (Link) and patent on aseptic bulk solution, growing in Europe and South-Africa ready for the other continents.


Hungry for more

ISO certified and expending with our Event services, with the end of Covid the world is opening again, with our system we delivered thousands and thousands of perfect beers to the thirsty participants on many festivals.


The big bang

Establish and proving our concept to many (potential) customers 2023 will be the year of the controlled but steady growth