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Our total system stands out by its simplicity, yet it has an unprecedented impact on the way in which non-hazardous liquids/foodstuff are being transported. Our system consists out of our Mega-Inliner® Tank Container in formats from 2 compartments 110HL, our standard 20ft 250HL ISO tank container (ambient or heated/cooled), 260HL, Swap 290 HL to Swap 300HL. In combination with the Mega-Inliner®, the Mega-Inliner® is a bag made from high-tech food-grade foil. When the Mega-Inliner® is placed in one of our own designed Mega-Inliner tank containers, it can be filled with any non-hazardous liquid, foodstuff, or others. Oxygen can’t enter and gasses can’t escape the liquid, therefore all products arrive in top condition and the tank container stays clean, ready for the next load. To manage this process, we only use compressed air, no pumps are needed. In addition, barely any liquid remains inside the Mega-Inliner® once it has been emptied. Installing a Mega-Inliner® only takes five minutes, and its removal just takes fifteen minutes. From now on, any Mega-Inliner® Tank Container in stock (leased) combined with a Mega-Inliner® is ready for immediate use without any prior cargo restrictions, making your transport highly sustainable and cost-efficient.

In addition to our system, we also offer products to increase ease of use. These products are: the Mega-Inliner® Air Compressor, Mega-Inliner® Air Treatment Unit, Mega-Inliner® Aseptic box and various accessories that can be purchased as spare parts. Click the products for further information.

Ship your non-hazardous liquid with Mega-Inliner, conquer the world and leave the planet in a better shape for the next generations.

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