No Previous Load Restrictions

With every load, a new Mega-Inliner® is installed to ensure perfect conditions. No risks of cross-contamination, oxidation or (de)saturation

Lowest Operational & Logistic Costs

No expensive cleaning is needed, no empty kilometers, no depot costs and no downtime.


The Mega-Inliner® is produced using a single source material and therefore fully recyclable. With only 15kg of material.

Reduce Costs, Co2 and Water, use Mega-Inliner®

Most Sustainable Bulk Transport System for the Earth

The Mega-Inliner® System stands out by its simplicity ensuring an unprecedented impact on how liquid foodstuff and nonhazardous liquids are transported. Large quantities from two 110HL compartments up to 250HL using our ISO tank (ambient or heated/cooled) or even a 290HL non-reefer swap tank.

The core of the system is a flexible tank bag made of high-tech food-grade film, the Mega-Inliner®. After placing a Mega-Inliner® in one of our special Mega-Inliner® tank containers, you fill it with a non-hazardous liquid. Oxygen and gases cannot pass through film of the Mega-Inliner®, ensuring that all liquids arrive in perfect condition.

After unloading, the tank container remains clean and is immediately ready for the next load. To manage this process, we use only clean compressed air, no pumps or CO2 are needed. In addition, the Mega-Inliner® is 100% recyclable and produced from only one type of material. From now on, easily connect inbound and outbound logistics by removing the Mega-Inliner® after each load, resulting in no empty kilometres to and from cleaning stations, no more wasting of valuable (potable) water (saving ± 2,500 litres per cleaning cycle) and zero use of chemicals for tank cleaning. Ship your food or other non-hazardous liquids worldwide in bulk and pack locally, saving up to 60% on transport costs and at least 30% on your CO2 emissions.

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