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The Mega-Inliner® system consists of a Mega-Inliner® Tank Container combined with the patented
Mega-Inliner®. With our bulk transport system, you can transport your product in the safest, most sustainable, and efficient way available on the market. With the Mega-Inliner®, your product does not come into contact with metals and gases cannot escape nor enter the product resulting in your product arriving on site in top condition.

No external Co2
When transporting beer in a conventional tank container this not only has to be cleaned properly but also to be purged and pre-pressured with Co2, also at unloading you need a lot of Co2 again. With Mega-Inliner® this is no longer the case, with our Inliner System® you only need compressed air.

No foaming
When the beer is loaded in the Mega-Inliner there is no foaming. When filling the tank container, we use counter pressure, and the beer is filled in a closed environment (the Mega-Inliner®) therefore the beer cannot foam.

No quality loss
Because the Mega-Inliner® bag is a closed environment no oxygen can get into the product and no Co2 can escape, beside that the beer will not be exposed to any metal or materials that will degrade the quality of the beer.

Ready to drink quality
When arriving at the destination the beer is still in perfect condition of Co2 and temperature it can immediately be connected to the bottling line, dispensing facility, or a cellar beer delivery truck. Making the Supply Chain of beer far more efficient.

Event solution, direct to tap
The Mega-Inliner® system offers the possibility to function as a keg up to 25.000 litres. Through our system, it is possible to put high pressure on top of the Mega-Inliner® to supply many taps with beer. There is no use of Co2 which makes the system better, easier, safer, and more responsible than conventional systems.

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