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  • Mega-Inliner BV

    14 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, BEER & BEVERAGE SHIPPERS, THERE IS A CHOICE, WHAT’S YOURS? We create awareness and provides world’s best alternative for the environmental impact of, product safety and integrity risks of transporting non-hazardous liquids with the yesterday's used tank containers. The infographic makes clear the process, amount of water, chemicals, labour used, empty kilometres and related costs involved of yesterday’s tank container versus the Mega-Inliner® System! Many times the tank container offered by the carriers is being rejected by the shippers due to many reasons, not dry, not clean, bad smell, wrong previous loads, not within the time limit after cleaning and the process has to start all over again! This is not an exception, but happens on a daily bases! Costing us all money, pushing carriers to fraud with cleaning process and certifications. And if the tank container is accepted the best thing of all the shipper still hasn’t the absolute guarantee against cross contamination, oxidation, saturation or desaturation. Mega-Inliner® System does provide this! #contamination #transportation #brewery #oxidation #productsafety

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    20 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, NON-HAZARDOUS LIQUID BULK SHIPPING INNOVATION IN 3 MIN! Create awareness by share and like this video! The more people know about this patented bulk tank container system for non-hazardous liquids the more we reduce our global carbon footprint. Making cleaning & rinsing & previous cargo restrictions on current tank containers obsolete. Watch & amaze yourself, commit to convert to something your future self would be proud of leaving the planet in a better shape to our kids and in doing so reducing your costs with > 50%.

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    22 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, BEER & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY WANTS SUSTAINABLE BULK TRANSPORT! Thanks to the international MEGA-INLINER team. We have created more awareness, with visits from Mahou & San Miquel, Heineken, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Asahi, transport companies and other beverages prospects. Concrete follow up appointments are planned and results are above expectations! Thanks everybody for the positive interest and feedback. #sustainability #transportation #beer

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    1 Months, 3 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, PROOFS CONCEPT TO ANHEUSER BUSH-INBEV! Special thanks to the Dutch & Belgium ABI team to conduct the proof of concept and believing in the Mega-Inliner® System, transporting beer, using the system during an event and returning surplus event beer back to the brewery. No saturation, oversaturation, desaturation or oxidation keeping beer in bulk in perfect conditions. Learned a lot and looking forward to our joint milestones still to achieve, and don't forget no cleaning, rinsing! #beer #transportation #returns #proof #brewery #abi #milestones #proofofconcept

  • Mega-Inliner BV

    1 Months, 7 Days Ago

    MEGA-INLINER®, VISIT US AT BRAU BEVIALE EXHIBITION, NÜRNBERG 13-15 NOVEMBER. We will demonstrate the connection of the Mega-Inliner® to the Mega-Inliner® Tank Container.