The Mega-Inliner® system consists of a Mega-Inliner® Tank Container combined with the patented
Mega-Inliner®. With our system, you can transport your product in the safest, most sustainable, and efficient way available on the market. With the Mega-Inliner®, your product does not come into contact with metals and gases cannot escape nor enter the product resulting in your product arriving on site in top condition.

Want to know more about our system?

For the Oils & Fats industry we provide different solutions:

  • Liquids from refine location to production location from local to intercontinental
  • Solifying fats from producer/importer to production plant

No odor loss
The Mega-Inliner® is completely sealed and does not allow for any loss of smell. The original smell of the substance remains intact.

No discoloration
Because Mega-Inliner® is a closed environment and ensures that no other substances and/or gases can get to the product, there is no possibility of the product discoloring. In addition, there is no discoloration because Mega-Inliner uses a controlled temperature system on the tank container. Also, UV radiation has no possibility to reach the product so discoloration of the product does not happen quickly.

No odor pollution
Due to the fully closed system of the Mega-Inliner® and the UV-repellent tank container, an odour problem is prevented. There is no scalding effect because of the correct temperature supply and because the product is in a closed environment.

Temperature control
Mega-Inliner provides temperature control at the tank containers. There is the possibility to cool the tank container, heat it, or maintain a temperature. Our temperature control is done in three places so that it is always the same temperature all around.

No cross-contamination
When transporting oils and fats it’s very important to have a clean tank, this can not always be guaranteed. Although cleaned in a certified facility there can be some contamination. In the Mega-Inliner® System always a new Mega-Inliner® is used to load the product. The Mega-Inliner® is made from a certified food-grade high-tech foil preventing your product from cross-contamination.

Solidified product easily liquefied by circular heating
With Mega-Inliner® it is possible to let the product solidify in the Mega-Inliner® Tank Container during transport. Although the product will not solidify completely to our high insolation barrier, it’s easy to get the product at the right temperature because heating canals are covering the bottom and top of the tank. With the integrated heating system it’s easily brought to the perfect parameters.

Mega-Inliner® is a combination of 2 everyday used bulk transport systems, we bring the best of these 2 worlds together for the best solution available on the market in transporting non-hazardous liquids. An environmentally conscious transport system that reduces Co2 emissions enormously and is also extremely cost-efficient. By using the Mega-Inliner System® planning becomes child’s play when connecting Inbound and Outbound flows.

  • 100% product quality,
    • No degradation
    • No oxidation due to closed system when (un)loading
    • No (de)saturation – carbonated products
    • Temperature control (from -8c to 71c) , cooling or heating
  • Lowest product spill/residue per load
  • Lowest Co2 footprint possible per Mt product in total supply chain
  • No cross-contamination
  • No previous cargo restrictions
  • No cleaning or rinsing of the tank, saving water, energy, and chemicals
  • No empty kilometres or depot costs
  • FDA & EU Food approved
  • Halal & Kosher
  • Mega-Inliner® 100% Recyclable (single source material)
  • Aseptic loading, transport, and unloading possible
  • Suitable for storage, longer shelf life
  • One-man operation, short lead time
  • No people on top of or in the tank.
  • Connecting inbound and outbound logistics

Depending on the current supply chain we can be competitive with all. If you are transporting ready-to-drink in bottles now, the impact of using our system is huge, but changing the supply chain takes more time, switching from conventional tank container or flexitank to Mega-Inliner® is easy and gives you the benefits immediately. All other IBCs, Drums, kegs, etc are somewhere in the middle.

By using the Mega-Inliner® System it is possible to go directly to the next loading location without the need for cleaning between each load. Therefore, costs such as driver wages, cleaning costs and waiting time are being saved. Because there will be no residue left behind in the tank all costs of product being wasted are eliminated. Due to our Mega-Inliner®, your product will be shipped in a clean and closed environment and therefore there is no chance of cross-contamination or other problems.

By using the Mega-Inliner® System your Co2 emission will be reduced by a minimum of 30%. The Mega-Inliner® is 100% recyclable and cleaning of the Tank Container becomes obsolete. Our system makes it possible to connect Inbound and Outbound logistics by simply removing the Mega-Inliner® after each load, this results in no empty kilometres to and from cleaning stations, wastage of valuable (drinking) water belongs to the past (saving ± 2,500 litres per cleaning), no chemicals for cleaning are necessary. Ship your foodstuff or other non-hazardous liquids in bulk globally and pack locally save up to 60% on transport costs and reduce a minimum of 30% on your Co2 emission.