Mega-Inliner Systems


Mega-Inliner Systems BV is an innovative company founded by experienced specialists in the bulk beverage & food distribution and the International tank container business, directly or indirectly involved in Mega-Inliner BV.

Sidon van Laarhoven, former banker and previous owner of Duotank International Group BV, now owner and founder of Mega-Inliner BV with over 25 years of international business experience joins forces with Jan van Opstal & Damian Smith owners of Flaxfield (tank engineering & development) and shareholders in Tankwell (composite tanks) and Aspenal (tank container repair) each with over 30 years experience in the tank container business.


Collectively our teams have over 150 years experience in the bulk distribution & logistic branch and supply chain management. Combining their complimentary know how, extensive global networks including carriers and shippers gives us a unique and considerable advantage and added value for you as a customer.

Added value

Our differentiator over an ordinary leasing company is that we go beyond just renting a tank. We will train both your and your customers personnel in handling the Mega-Inliner® System. Linking shippers with complimentary return flows and lanes, providing data of your product on the move using the track & trace technology and providing you with advice when requested but also without prompting.


Mega-Inliner Systems BV provides a lease option of the Mega-Inliner® System for varying durations. There is no need to adjust your own equipment to Mega-Inliner® specs, in doing so making the Mega-Inliner® System available to everyone. Mega-Inliner Systems BV will primarily use refurbished 2nd hand ISO tank containers with Mega-Inliner® specs, providing an extended life and contributing directly to the global Co2 reduction by using less raw materials. In addition to the refurbished tanks, a new 250HL stainless steel and 300HL Tankwell composite tank has been developed to be used by Mega-Inliner Systems BV.


The Mega-Inliner® System is suitable for NON-Hazardous liquids and can be leased with or without a cooling & heating unit.Unknown liquids can be tested for compatibility with the Mega-Inliner® foil after submission of the material safety data sheet.


Our combined operations are based in Rotterdam Europoort and the production site of the Mega-Inliner® in Valkenswaard in the south of The Netherlands.

Out of the Box into the tank! Let’s reduce our Global Carbon Footprint!

Jan van Opstal & Sidon van Laarhoven

Management board Mega-Inliner Systems BV